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Peter Navarro mentioned Trump, that has spent longer golfing than the other president within the second half a century because the hardest working president in history.
Transcript of Navarro on NBC’s Meet Journalism:


Why isn’t he involved?


Look, you’ve got to know this is often the toughest working president in history. he’s employed 24/7. He are often in Bedminster, Mar-a-Lago, the Oval Office , or anywhere in between. He are often at the Whirlpool factory, like we were on Thursday, celebrating working men and ladies taking advantage of tariffs. He’s working 24/7. the matter here, the matter here is Capitol Hill , the swamp, two houses that are too far apart. I mean, the Lord and therefore the founding fathers created executive orders due to partisan bickering and divided government. That’s what we’ve here. But the president’s taken action. His constituency — let’s be clear. His constituency is mainstream Republicans, blue collar Democrats, and independents who are sick and uninterested in the swamp. And he reached out and he took action. You know, he didn’t need to According to the Presidential Golf Tracker,Trump has played twice the maximum amount golf as Obama also as quite five times more golf than George W.Bush,who preferred visiting his ranch,over hitting the links. Trump just trails Eisenhower and Wilson within the average number of days in between rounds.

The American people recognize that Navarro is lying since Trump’s private schedule has actually been leaked countless times. Trump doesn’t start his workday until about 11 AM. he’s normally done by 4-6 PM counting on the day of the week, and throughout the day has actually time scheduled for watching TV and tweeting.

Trump may be a do-nothing president, and no-one beyond his advocates is fooled by the wrong claims of diligence .